How to Buy a Namecheap Domain Name

Here’s how you can build your website through AIOP (3/6).

3. Domain Acquisition

3.1. Create a Namecheap account.

Domain Names for $0.88 with Namecheap

3.1.1. Create a Namecheap account by going to Namecheap website and click Sign up.

Domain Acquisition 3.1.1.

3.1.2. Input your information.

Domain Acquisition 3.1.2.

3.1.3. Click “Create Account and Continue”.

Domain Acquisition 3.1.3.

3.2. Check the availability of your domain name.

3.2.1. Log in your Namecheap account.

Domain Acquisition 3.2.1.

3.2.2. Click “Domains”.

Domain Acquisition 3.2.2.

3.2.3. Search for your desired domain name.

Domain Acquisition 3.2.3.

3.3. Purchase your domain name.

3.3.1. Add your domain name to cart.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.1.

3.3.2. Confirm your order.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.2.

3.3.3. Set up your account information and click “Continue”.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.3.

3.3.4. Set up your billing information and click “Continue”.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.4.

3.3.5. Choose your payment method and click “Continue”.

There are three options to pay your domain name purchase from Namecheap.

a. Secure Payment Card

Accepted Card: Visa, Mastercard, YYY and Discover

b. PayPal

Accepted Card: Visa, Mastercard, YYY and Discover

c. Account Funds

Accepted Payment: Visa, Mastercard, YYY, Discover, PayPal and Cyptocurrencies

Domain Acquisition 3.3.5.

In this tutorial, we choose “Account Funds” to purchase a domain name. So, it is recommended to fund first your Namecheap account. Kindly see this post on How to Top-up Your Namecheap Account.

3.3.6. Review your order details and if done, just click “Pay Now”.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.6.

3.3.7. Congratulations, your purchase is complete. You can now download your receipt for future reference.

Domain Acquisition 3.3.7.
Domain Acquisition 3.3.7.

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